First phase of Lithium-ion Electric Car Battery Recycling Centre

Pursuant to the Zagreb Stock Exchange Rules and in line with transparent information distribution to the CIAK Group investors, as well to other participants in business and financial sector, CIAK Group hereby announces that the first phase of Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Centre of CIAK Group in Croatia has begun.
After signing the initial contract with one of the worldwide leading technology-makers and equipment producers of such facilities, that already built and installed such facility in Germany for one of the leading vehicle manufacturers, CIAK Group goes forward with additional project documentation, ecology permits application preparation and groundwork preparation for the building phase of the Recycling Centre for lithium—ion batteries (LIBs).

The LIBs Recycling Centre will be based in the vicinity of the already existing Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Centre in Zabok. The existing Centre was a greenfield investment of CIAK Group as well in 2015 that hired 55 employees and is operating successfully ever since, enabling Republic Croatia to fulfil completely its lead-recycling goals towards EU legislative.

CIAK Group commences the first phase of preparation for the project in May 2021, with the expected operational work to begin before the end of 2023.
With the existing know-how in battery recycling technologies, hazardous waste collection networks, as well as the extensive knowledge of all types of starter, stationary, hermetic and traction batteries and cells, CIAK Group is fully committed to continue being a part of the sustainable mobility future.

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